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Mini Has an Ace in Aceman E-SUV

  Aceman is a Big Design Departure for Mini                                                                                                       Source:  Mini Aceman Pushes The Limits of Futuristic Design & Technologies Iconic British car maker Mini has just unveiled a small, electric SUV concept called Aceman.  In terms of Mini's classic styling, Aceman breaks the mold.  It is futuristic and reflects how Mini is reinventing itself.  Aceman abandons Mini's cute, rounded headlights for more geometric themes. The body of the car is smooth with futuristic, angular touches here and there. Aceman is a very colorful, digital lightshow on wheels. Mini is owned by BMW, which wants at least half of its lineup electrified by 2030.  Aceman's is Mini's first, electric crossover.  Mini wants all of its lineup electrified by 2030. Brand New Design For Mini, Aceman represents how it is reinventing itself for the new electrified marketplace.  According to Mini top management, Acem