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China's New Electric Flying Cars

  Xpeng's Voyager X2 - Next-G 5 & Voyager X1 - Next-G 4                                    Source:  Xpeng Huitian Voyager X2 Travelling by Electric Drone China's Xpeng Motors, an electric vehicle company, is developing a new, Next-G 5, electric, autonomous flying car prototype, the Voyager X2.  The innovation is coming from Xpeng's autonomous aviation unit Xpeng Huitian.  The EV has 8 propellers across 4 axes, offering multi motor backup.  It is also equipped with 8 independent battery groups offering a redundant power supply system for safety, should power cells malfunction.  This flying car has already completed its first crewed flight.  It is now under development along with its predecessor flying car Voyager X1, which is Xpeng's Next-G 4 prototype.  X1 was introduced earlier 2021.  X2 was just unveiled. Capabilities Voyager X2 is an electric drone and is capable of carrying 2 adult passengers.  It has a maximum load of 441 pounds and can travel up to 62 mph for