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Unique Combo Boat-Plane Vehicle

Electric Hydrogen Vehicle That Flies Like Ocean Crossing Birds                                             Source:  RDC Aqualines Creation of RDC Aqualines of Singapore Using the physics of ocean crossing sea birds, a team of developers at RDC Aqualines of Singapore have created a hybrid boat-plane that flies a foot over the water at speeds of 70 mph plus.  The 72 foot, EP-15 uses a cushion of air, known as ground effect, to fly above the water and land on water.  The boat-plane uses a principle of physics that ocean crossing birds use to travel faster, longer and with much less energy expenditure.  When the vehicle reaches an altitude roughly half the length of its wingspan, ground effect produces excess air pressure which provides additional lift for the plane and cuts the downdraft pressures on it. The EP-15 is designed for passenger service and cargo.  There is a smaller model for sports.  The company says these vehicles are zero emissions and designed for clean, green travel. Tech