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Sleek Polestar EV Roadster Concept

  EV 02 Defines Polestar Design & Engineering                                                  Source:  Polestar 02 Will Be a Production Car Swedish EV maker Polestar has a stunning, new electric roadster concept, the 02, that it hopes to put into production for global consumers to purchase.  The 2-seat EV reflects the brand's mission to "communicate technology through design".  CEO Thomas Ingenlath recently said that he wants to make the 02 a production car but he and his team are continuing to refine and tweak the vehicle for superior performance and handling. New Electric Powertrain 02 may be built on a new electric, dual motor powertrain with an electric motor in the front and back of the vehicle that together pump out 870 hp. That is comparable to some Tesla models.  To best Tesla, Polestar is finetuning the 02's steering and handling for superior performance.  Polestar believes that 02 will be a crown jewel in their EV lineup.  Many automotive experts can