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Hyundai's EV Ioniq 6 - Hot Iconic Sedan

  EV That's Being Called a "Knockout"                                                    Source:  Hyundai What Looks Like Hyundai's Newest Electric Winner Hyundai is on a roll right now.   Thanks to the Ioniq 5 SUV EV and the Kia EV 6 crossover (Hyundai owns Kia), Hyundai is now the 2nd biggest seller of EVs in the US.  Now, the South Korea based automotive giant  has just unveiled its new EV Ioniq 6 to rave reviews. One automotive expert called the upcoming 2024 Ioniq a "knockout".  The EV sedan debuts after Hyundai's wildly successful Ioniq 5, which is one of the brand's top new EVs.  The Ioniq 6 has very smooth lines and is sculptured for aerodynamic driving.  The design is being called the perfect combination of future and retro.  The curvaceous roof, shoulder and window lines taper into the vehicle's tail. It is reminiscent of the aerodynamic automotive styling of the 1920's and 1930's but with smooth, futuristic lines and details.