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Honda's New Concept: Small, All-E SUV

  The e:Ny1 is Coming in 2023                                                Source:  Honda New Concept Car Honda intends to launch a small, new, all-electric SUV, based on a new concept called the "e:Ny1" in 2023.  The company says the new EV's range will exceed that of other Honda electric vehicles, so the range should be well in excess of 200 miles on a charge.  Automotive experts believe that it will be an electrified version of Honda's newly released hybrid HR-V. Intensifying Electric Vehicle Global Competition The new EV will go into direct competition with the VW ID4 and Hyundai's Ioniq 5 as the global market for electric vehicles heats up.  The e:Ny1 has sleek, classic design lines, a sloping roofline and break lights that span the full width of the back of the car.  The interior is expected to be similar to that of the HR-V. The dashboard is minimalist with a raised touchscreen and a digital driver's display. There are no official details from Honda o