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CyberKat EV That Clears Snow

  EV Snowblower Inspired by Cybertruck                                   Source:  CyberKat & Snow Images Remote Controlled Snowblowing CyberKat is a remote-controlled, small EV snowblower inspired by Tesla's upcoming Cybertruck.  CyberKat is the invention of US startup Spyker Workshop. It has angular styling similar to the Cybertruck but sports very wide tracks to maneuver through the snow.  This new EV snowblower allows you to clear your driveway remotely from the warmth and comfort of your home.   Tech Specs CyberKat is a zero-emissions, electric alternative to diesel snow blowers that spew out carbon pollution.  It has a 775 standard electric motor and four, 12-volt batteries.  The frame is aluminum. Length of the EV is 29 inches and it's 19 inches wide.  The ground clearance is 4.25 inches.  The snowblower duct itself attaches to the Cyberkat's trailer hitch.  It also has light bars like Cybertruck.  DIY Assembly This is a do-it-your (DIY) assembly project for the o