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Cupra/VW New E-Concept Car

  Race Car Soon to be a Road Car                                                       Source:  Cupra VW Car Innovation Center:  Cupra Cupra, which is a division of VW, has unveiled a radical new race car that is soon to become a road car.  It's called the Cupra Urban Rebel.  As a race car, it packs 400 hp and is said, by one automotive expert, to be "fast and playful on dirt and tarmac".  The all-electric vehicle will be launched as an urban mobility road car in 2025.  For VW, this new EV is strategically important to the brand's green future.  VW hopes to produce 500,000 urban electric cars per year.   Automotive Innovation Cupra defines itself as a unique brand, distinguished by sportiness and sophistication.  It also incorporates into its vehicles leading edge styling.  The new concept sports contoured lines and sculptured surfaces brought to life by kinetic particles that display colors and seem to add mobility to the car's surface as light crosses over it. 

Italy's Epic New Concept Sports Car

  GAC Barchetta                                                                                Source:  GAC Barchetta Futuristic Car From SciFi Renowned Chinese automaker GAC Group and its new Advanced Design Studio GAC Barchetta in Milan, Italy have produced a futuristic concept car for the ages. The concept, called the GAC Barchetta, is inspired by iconic Italian sports cars from decades ago and is tailored made for Italian sports car enthusiasts. The design team calls it the essence of minimalism, efficiency and simplicity.  It's a two-seat electric sports car.  In just two months, GAC's fully digital design studio in Milan completed this extraordinary concept car, that looks like it came straight out of science fiction. Unique Aspects of the Concept The concept is windowless and roofless.  The vehicle is as low to the ground as you can go, with very low height and exceptionally low clearance. The EV's profile is flat, and the headlights raise and lower from the body of

Electric MG Sports Car For 2020's

  MG Cyberster 2024                                                                                           Source:  MG UK Designed, China Owned The iconic British sports car brand MG, which is now owned by China SAIC, is developing an electric sports car, the MG Cyberster for the brand's 100th birthday in 2024.  They're calling it an "affordable sports car" and are targeting international markets with both left-and right-hand driving modes.  Judging from the concept car images and just released teaser production images, the beauty, aerodynamics and performance capabilities of the MG Cyberster look to be spectacular.  It could rival the immense popularity of its predecessor, the MGB sportscar of the 1960's. Tech Specs We Know What is most impressive is the EV's expected performance.  It will be powered by a "module-less" battery technology that has a claimed range of 500 miles on a charge.  That range is at the top of the list, beating Tesla.  The

Mercedes Silver Arrow - Cool E-Concept

Vision EQ Silver Arrow                                        Source: Mercedes Benz Car Inspired by the Past, Revolutionized by the Future Mercedes' EQ Silver Arrow concept car is arguably their most fascinating, futuristic vision of what electric driving can be. The Silver Arrow is a stunningly beautiful, smooth, sleek sports car that is the crown jewel of Mercedes' creative design and technologies.  First introduced in 2018, the Silver Arrow is a one-seater, inspired by the world record breaking Mercedes racecar W125 from 1937.  The W125 set a world, 268 mph speed record that held until 2017. The new EV concept is the perfect mix of old-world luxuries with new, highly advanced technologies. Mercedes says the Silver Arrow is their signpost to the future of electric automotive design. Tech Specs Mercedes has conceived the concept as an all-electric vehicle, that is soundless.  There is no roaring, race car combustion engine.  Instead, it has silent, dual electric motors that cr

Lexus Stunning New E-Sports Car Concept

  Stunning Zero Emissions, Electric Concept                                                       Source:  Lexus BEV Sport Is a Beauty That Could Be an Electric Gamechanger Toyota's luxury brand Lexus has unveiled a stunning new electric concept sports car.  It's part of their expanding and evolving electric lineup of vehicles for zero emissions driving. New BEVs in the pipeline include a new sedan and SUV. The eye-catching electric sports car is called the BEV (battery electric vehicle) Sport. Electric Centerpiece The BEV Sport is a centerpiece in Lexus' next-G electric vehicle lineup.  It is a low to the ground, long, 2 seat sportscar with a very smooth and elegant design.  It is fast, going from zero to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds.  The targeted range for the electric vehicle is 430 miles. It is powered by an innovative solid-state battery that Toyota is investing heavily in, not the traditional lithium-ion battery that most electric vehicles are powered by.  BEV Sport