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MG's Magnificent EV Cyberster

  Tribute to the Past With Highly Advanced Technology                                                                                      Source:  MG SAIC Extraordinary Electric Sportscar Going into Production MG has developed a fascinating new electric concept car - the MG Cyberster.  The car is designed to pay tribute to the company's iconic, classic cars of the past, while showcasing its advanced, technological direction for the future.  The electric vehicle was developed by the MG/SAIC London-based, Advanced Design Center.  MG is currently owned by the SAIC MOTOR, the largest automotive group in China. Design Features The EV is a 2-seat convertible with a design inspired by classic MG sports cars, such as the MGB roadster launched in 1962.  But, the vehicle is loaded with leading edge, new technologies.  It has a range of 497 miles, can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in less than 3 second and contains 5G connectivity.  Some of the key design features include Zero Gravity seats an