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Revolutionary New E-Flying Vehicle iFLY

  Fully Autonomous, eVTOL Personal Air Mobility                                             Source: NeXT iFLY US Advanced eVTOL Startup NeXT US air mobility startup NeXT has created a highly advanced, one person e-VTOL that vertically takes off and lands like a helicopter.  No airport runway or infrastructure is needed.  The vehicle is called iFLY.  The company says it is planet friendly as it is fully electric with zero emissions.  It is also fully autonomous with no pilot needed.  It is designed to be a very affordable means of personal air mobility. Unique Flying Technology The vehicle operates with a mobile app that works on both android and iOS.  The rider needs to select a destination landing spot provided on a touchscreen, which in turn provides iFLY instructions to reach the desired destination.  The EV operates with 8 propellers in protective safety enclosures powered by 8 battery electric motors. More Unique Technology According to the company, iFLY has a unique combination o

China's EV For Land, Water and Air Travel

  Triphibian Electric Vehicle from China                                       Source:  Super Soco's Soco Xray Unique Form of Travel A unique form of travel, a triphibian electric vehicle, that can travel in the air, on land and on water, has just been unveiled at the annual Taobao Maker Festival 2021 in China.  The highly innovative vehicle is called Soco Xray and it appears to be a first.  It can even travel through ice and snow.  It is in the prototype stage and is under development. Super Soco The vehicle is the creation of Super Soco, a Nanjing, China based, electric scooter company.  Very few details about the technologies built into the vehicle have been disclosed.  Super Soco is a global player in the electric scooter business.  It sells them in over 73 nations through e-commerce platforms like Alibaba and in more than 2,000 retail stores.