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BMW's Latest E-Scooter CEO4

  Very Retro Looking                                                   Source:  BMW CEO4 Highly Advanced Technology BMW has unveiled its latest electric scooter and it looks like an elegantly simple design tribute to bikes of the past, innovated with highly advanced technologies.  It's called the 2022 CEO4 and BMW is marketing it with "#plugged to life".  The starting price for this extraordinary new EV is $11,795. Driving Specs There is a 8.9 kilowatt-hour battery pack with the same cells as are in the upcoming BMW iX and i4 vehicles.  The range is 80 miles and the scooter has level-two charging that goes from 20 to 80% in 45 minutes.  A full charge on L2 takes about 90 minutes.  The 43 horsepower scooter rides on 15 inch wheels.  It is a long and low e-scooter with a very distinctive design.  BMW calls it "avant-garde".  The look is retro but the technology is definitely state-of-the-art. Technologies There is a 10.25 inch LCD display that provides vital infor