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Bullletproofing Electronic Documents From Cybercrime

DARPA's SafeDocuments Program for Internet DARPA's newest project is targeted at ensuring the integrity of documents that move over the web.  The goal is to improve the ability of software to spot when documents, whether text, video or image, have been maliciously tampered with.  DARPA is the Pentagon's Advanced Research Projects Agency.  It's the moving force behind the creation of the internet, cloud computing, drones and much more. Safer Internet Requires Safer Electronic Documents DARPA's looking for better ways to detect and reject invalid and hacked data without impacting the functioning of the data formats themselves.  As DARPA officials put it, to create a safer internet requires safer electronic documents.  According to DARPA SafeDocs Manager Sergey Bratus:  "We're looking for ways to reduce the complexity of electronic document exchange and minimize the means of exploitation from cybercriminals to nation states." Increasing Problem