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Endless Flying Drone with Battery Docking

Unique Power System:  Inflight Battery Swaps for Drones Source:  UC Berkeley New Drone/Battery System UC Berkeley HiPeRLab Innovation Can you imagine a drone with almost unlimited flying time?  Well, it's just been created by engineers and roboticists at the University of California Berkeley's HiPeRLab, their High Performance Robotics Lab.  It's a prototype drone system with unique, inflight battery switching technology.  The potential is to keep drones in the air for almost unlimited flight times. Quadcopter Drone with a Docking Deck The team has invented a quadcopter drone with a docking tray that's able to accept a smaller, fresh battery delivering drone.  The battery drone lands on the dock, recharges the larger drone and flies away.  This allows the next battery drone to fly in and take its place to do a recharge. Sustainable Drone Flights This is a fascinating approach to one way of powering sustainable drone flights.  In the future, othe