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Important Innovations Collection: Innovation Rewarded

Nobel Prize for Chemistry - Lithium Ion Batteries Source:  Nobel Prize 3 Discoverers of Innovation, Creating a Rechargeable World The innovation discovery process spans two decades, the 1970's and 1980's and two worlds:  the US and Japan.  The end result of the cumulative achievements in developing the lithium-ion battery is a breathtaking Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2 US scientists and a Japanese scientist.  What they have invented, the lithium-ion battery, has been termed by the Nobel Prize Committee as an invention that "recharges the world".  Their discovery enables our global communications over laptops and cellphones and the possibilities of renewable energy by catching and storing vast amounts of wind and solar power on their battery systems.  The inventors' battery even enables us to drive electric cars.  Congratulations to the visionary discoverers!  For more news on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: Innovation Rewarded : Nobel Prize i