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Harley's 1 of a Kind E-Bike

  Limited Edition of Harley's 1st Electric Bike                               Source:  Harley Davidson Mosh/Tribute Mosh/Tribute Serial 1 E-Bike In a surprise move, Harley Davidson is selling a limited edition version of its first electric bike.  The bike was originally categorized as an aesthetic "styling exercise".  Now Harley's e-bike subsidiary Serial 1 has made the e-bike, called the Mosh/Tribute, available for sale.  The e-bike is a tribute to Harley's first motorcycle, the Serial Number One, built in 1903.  The e-bike is a one of a kind. Zero Emissions and Performance The bike runs on a Brose S MAG motor that produces 66 ft-lbs of torque and a top speed of 20 mph.  It comes in three sizes to accommodate drivers of different heights.  It's a very nostalgic, traditional looking bike modeled with a leather seat, glossy black paint and white Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires.  The tires, which give extra traction on the road, are designed exclusively for Serial 1