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Seaweed Bioplastics Wins vs. Plastics

World Economic Forum Innovation Winner Evoware of Indonesia & Its Seaweed Bioplastics Global Bioplastics Contender from Seaweed Evoware, an Indonesia-based company, makes edible bioplastics from seaweed for use as food wrappings and packets.  Their nature based innovation in bioplastics landed them as a top winner in the World Economic Forum's Global Design Challenge to rid the world of plastic throwaways that are jeopardizing our oceans and environment.  Here's a look at what a common natural substance like seaweed can do to make an environmental difference. Bioplastics that Are Edible, Biodegradable & a Lot More This is an edible alternative to commonly used multi-layered plastic wrappings.  It's directly manufactured from plant material making it edible and nutritious.  According to the New Plastics Economy, an initiative led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, you can eat your burger with this wrapping or dissolve your coffee packet in hot water and drink