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New All-Electric Cars from Cadillac

Your EV Brand of Choice Source:  Cadillac Escalde Leading the E-Way for GM Cadillac plans to be your electric vehicle brand of choice.  And, the luxury brand is leading the electrification way for GM.  Cadillac intends to have its total vehicle lineup with electrification versions by 2030.  CEO Steve Carlisle does not know how long and how the repositioning from plants producing internal combustion engines to electric engines will take and how that will evolve. Understandably that's a work in progress as technology evolves.  But, he does know the change to electric vehicles will happen.  Carlisle projects that all or the majority of Cadillacs will be electrified by 2030.  Ironically, Cadillac's 3Q global sales are up 8.8% much of which is from combustion engine car sales. Escalade Evolving Cadillac intends to power its full-sized SUV Escalade with an electric engine.  In February 2020, a next-G Escalade will debut in Los Angeles with Super Cruise hands