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IDing 1 Person in a Billion In 1 Second

Facial Recognition Tech IDing Your Face Face Recognition  ID: Spotting and Defining Your Face  Sherlock Holmes Real-Time First off, facial recognition technology is awesome and the speed and breadth of its takeoff are breathtaking.  It's 2018's exponential high tech version of 19th century fingerprinting and it's  redefining global crimefighting. Sherlock Holmes would have loved it.  But it has some big privacy issues along with steroid-like growth that can be disruptive. Breakthrough Innovation Ahead of Regulatory Curves It's come on so fast that it's outpacing national and global regulations and leaves open the question of protecting personal privacy.  A Russia based company FindFace claims to be able to identify one person in a billion photos in under 1 second. The company behind it, NTechLab, has developed a proprietary algorithm.  They're selling FindFace globally. Global Face Recognition Players Beyond Russia Tech FaceFind isn't alone.  Big