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VW-Amazon Partnership: Industrial Cloud for B2B Source:  VW Industrial Cloud Digitizing Factory Processes Volkswagen is greatly expanding its cloud based software and data portal system.  The world's 3rd largest automaker has a vision and goal to build it into an industrial cloud.  The cloud would serve as an industry wide marketplace where business customers could buy and sell industrial applications. VW envisions it as an Amazon built B2B marketplace. VW and Amazon Web Services are designing and partnering on the Industrial Cloud factories of the future concept. App Store Approach The plans for the industrial cloud are bold, innovative and ambitious.  For VW itself,  it will eventually link VW's 120 factories around the world, their 1500 suppliers and their 30,000 plants. VW wants it to be a place to exchange data and software. The purpose is to accelerate the digitizing of factory processes right down to painting vehicles.  One of the VW suppliers already engage

Important Innovations Collection: US Robotic Workforce Surges

US Robotic Workforce Hits Record Level Robot Manufacturing Surges This is new research information from the Robotics Industry Association.  The US and China are even more deeply investing in robots and AI for the workplace.   The US has increased the amount of robots being shipped to US factories by 36,000 in 2018 or 7% above the previous year. The number of  US universities investing in AI research centers is also on the rise.  For a great news blog on this, go to  Important Innovations Collection: US Robotic Workforce Surges : Robotic Manufacturing Source:  Automotive Robotic Assembly Line - Stock Image New Numbers for US The number of robots working in US fa...