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Green Corn in US Energy Mix

Trump Administration Promising More Biofuels Source:  US Department of Agriculture Ethanol Use Mandated To Rise President Donald Trump has never claimed to be a Green "What's good for the environment is good for the nation and the world" President.  In fact, he dismisses the very existence of Climate Change. But the Administration just made a slight move into a greener direction.  They've unveiled a plan to boost US biofuel consumption, specifically corn based, ethanol fuel, starting in 2020.  The purpose is to help struggling farmers in the Corn belt, which is a big voting constituency for Mr. Trump.  The plan is getting applause from the agricultural industry and big boos from big oil, another Republican voting base. EPA The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is revamping ethanol rules. The plan is in partnership with the US Department of Agriculture.  The plan requires an increase in the amount of ethanol that oil refineries must add to the