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New Health App Is Rolling Out with Select 2020 QLED TV Source:  Samsung QLED TV Health Tracking App to Get in Shape Prolonged television watching has long been associated with being an out of shape couch potato.  That doesn't need to be the case anymore.  Samsung is now rolling out a new health tracking App on select 2020 QLED TVs that started selling in April. Health Data The Samsung Health App collects and syncs an individual's health data from their smartphone, smart watch, wearables and now their Samsung television.  The App stores the data on a dashboard to view their key health metrics.  It also provides access to free workout classes and mindfulness sessions. Personalized Health Goals Using the App, you can set a daily routine, with alerts that a workout class you like is about to start and your can set fitness goals and challenges.  The App is designed to facilitate a healthier lifestyle and includes a variety of classes like yoga, dance, pilates, strength

Important Innovations Collection: Smart Patch for Your Health

Very Smart Health and Fitness Monitoring Northwestern University Bioengineers' Smart Patch This is very advanced bioengineering technology just reported from Northwestern University bioengineers. A small, wearable, flexible sensor patch that spots your underlying medical conditions in real-time. It's for fitness use and to be your first alert medical spotter for certain conditions. For example, dehydration, low oxygen or spotting you are diabetic.  For a great news blog on this amazing new innovation, go to my journalist colleague Ed Kane's blog at Important Innovations Collection: Smart Patch for Your Health : Tiny, Waterproof Patch with Sweat Based Sensors Source:  Northwestern University's Sweat-based Sensor Spots Health Conditions Re...

Healthifyme - Digital Weight Loss Platform

Counting Calories App Source:  Healthifyme Coaching from the Cloud Based in India, Healthifyme is a digital weight loss platform that provides fitness and weight services.  Developed for Android and iOS platforms, the app provides calorie and water tracking and on the cloud fitness coaching.  The company is gearing up to launch Ria 2.0, its personal AI assistant that can make dietary recommendations and calculate calories on the spot.  The app has a paid version where, for instance, you can chat with nutritionists and health coaches to help maximize your results. Global Expansion The innovative technology company is expanding globally.  It's in Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and planning to enter Saudi Arabia soon.  The device takes into account age, weight, goals, pre-existing medical conditions and recommends customized "smart meal plans". The company plans to integrate Ria with Google Assistant and Alexa this year.