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Cadillac's Long Range, Luxury EV

  Big Preview of Celestiq                                                       Source:  Cadillac The $300,000 Hatchback A new EV concept that Cadillac is planning to put into global production is getting a lot of buzz. Cadillac has finally offered a formal preview of its much-anticipated Celestiq, which is an all-electric, long, sleek and powerful beauty of a hatchback.  The EV is expected to be Cadillac's flagship.  Automotive experts are marveling at its elegance, power and beauty, adding that there is nothing like it on the market.  It's a concept car that Cadillac says it will put into production and put on the market in the next couple of years.  Rumors has it that it will be priced at $300,000, putting it into the Rolls Royce category. Tech Specs Cadillac is expected to provide performance details in August when there is an official unveiling of Celestiq.  But automotive experts believe that it will have a battery pack of more than 205-kilowatt-hours, with 1,000 hp and a