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Giving Flying Taxis Autonomous Flight

  BAE & Supernal Partner on eVTOL Flight Control System                                                  Source:  Supernal Developing the Technological Brains of Flying Taxis Aerospace and defense technology leader BAE Systems and eVTOL developer Supernal (owned by Hyundai) have formed a new partnership to develop a highly advanced flight control system for Supernal's flying taxis to fly autonomously. In essence, they are developing the technological brains to enable flying taxis to self-fly. The system will be a lightweight, cutting edge, fly-by-wire system usable for both eVTOLs (electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles), advanced air mobility vehicles (AAMs) and large, regional, electric aircraft.  The architecture will directly control the electric vehicles during flight, takeoff and landing.  BAE says that it is harnessing its expertise in electrification and flight-critical systems to advance "sustainable aviation". Formidable Partnership of Flight Control