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ASKA - Fully Functional Flying Car

  Real Flying and Driving Car                                                                           Source:  ASKA The Future of Travel Mountain View, CA based ASKA has unveiled a fully functional flying car, A5, for personal driving and flying travel.  Here are the pertinent facts: ASKA says the A5 is the world's 1st flying and driving car that will redefine the next 100 years of travel A5 is a real flying and driving car that has a hybrid power system Dual energy system includes proprietary electric power system with lithium ion battery packs and gas engine range extender To drive, 4 wheels emerge from the fuselage for all-wheel driving To fly, vehicle's large wings with 6 rotors unfold to take off and land vertically (VTOL) or for a slow runway takeoff and landing (STOL) Flying top speed is 150 mph Flying range is 250 miles on a charge 4-seater that is the size of an SUV Fits into a car parking spot, can be charged at home or at a charging station ASKA expects to deploy o

Alef's Intriguing Flying/Driving Car

  Alef's Model A Is Big Competition for XPeng's X3                                             Source:  Alef Aeronautics The Future of Flying Cars is Fast Approaching California-based flying car company Alef Aeronautics has unveiled its 2-passenger flying car Model A.  The all-electric driving and flying car is going on pre-sale in early 2023 for a $1500 deposit.  It's priced at $300,000 for delivery in late 2025.  The company claims that the vehicle will be the only road-certified flying car that can do vertical takeoffs and landings like a helicopter and also drive on the road.  That puts Model A in direct competition with China-based XPeng's X3 flying car.  The X3 handles like a normal car on the road and easily transitions to an eVTOL for vertical takeoffs, landings and flight.  As I reported yesterday, the X3 has just successfully completed a full flight test in Beijing. XPeng is making the same "world first" claims for X3 as Alef is making for Model A. 

Your Flying & Driving Car Switchblade

  Samson Sky's Switchblade                                    Source:  Samson Sky's Switchblade USA Flying, Driving Car Samson Sky's Switchblade is a real flying and driving car that will hit the market within weeks of getting FAA approval. The company calls it a flying sports car and it brings the lure of flying cars from science fiction territory to a concrete reality. The FAA has deemed the Oregon-built, Ferrari-red, very cool looking vehicle safe to fly and undergo flight testing.  That positions the flying sportscar to being possibly within weeks of going to market. The inventors and developers at Oregon-based Samson Sky have spent 14 years building what looks like a magnificent flying and driving machine. Fascinating Tech Specs The vehicle has been designed as a luxury car with a hybrid-electric drive system.  When it lands, the wings fold into the sides of the vehicle like a switchblade.  It has a Samson SC 200 3-cylinder gasoline engine along with a Skybird electric

1st Flying Car with 4-Seats & Ready

  AeroMobil's AM NEXT                                                                                                Source:  AeroMobil Brand New Form of Regional Commuting Slovakia's AeroMobil has unveiled its second breakthrough flying car - the 4-seat AM NEXT.  The vehicle is a world first for driving and flying.  The company says the AM NEXT leverages the innovative technologies and engineering of its first flying car - the AM4.0 which is the world's first flying car to go into production.  The AM4.0 is a combination light plane and supercar.  It's a two-seat luxury vehicle priced at nearly $1.5 million that quickly shifts from driving to flying.  The AM4.0 will be delivered to customers in 2024 as perhaps the world's first commercial flying car for consumers.  AeroMobil's AM Next takes us on an all-new ride. Ride Hailing Service The company calls the AM NEXT a 4-seat, door to door, ride-hailing service for travel in the 100 to 500 mile range.  It's a su