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  Samson Sky's Switchblade - Awesome Tech                                    Source:  Samson Sky's Switchblade USA Flying, Driving Car How much would you love having this sleek, flying/driving car in your driveway?  Don't know about you, but I would love it!! Samson Sky's Switchblade is a real flying and driving car that will hit the market within weeks of getting FAA approval after more flight tests. The company calls it a flying sports car and it brings the lure of flying cars from science fiction territory to concrete reality. The FAA has deemed the Oregon-built, Ferrari-red, very cool looking vehicle safe to fly and undergo flight testing.  That positions the flying/driving sportscar to being, possibly within weeks, on the market for purchase. The inventors and developers at Oregon-based Samson Sky have spent 14 years building what looks like a magnificent flying and driving machine. Fascinating Tech Specs The vehicle has been designed as a luxury car with a hybrid-