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Flying Cars Ready for Production

  AirCar, Liberty Sport & Switchblade                            Source: Switchblade, AirCar, Liberty Sport Flying & Driving Commuting Flying cars are a promised travel technology that innovators have been chasing for decades. Their time is about to come.  Three flying cars are now at the tipping point of going into production for sales in global markets.  The vehicles ready for takeoff, that are road legal with wings, include Slovakia-based Klein Vision's AirCar, Dutch company PAL-V International's Liberty Sport and Oregon-based Samson Sky's Switchblade.  They are heralding in a brand-new form of travel. Switchblade US-based Sampson Sky is promising deliveries of its 3-wheel flying car Switchblade in 2024. They already have 2100 orders for the vehicle from 53 nations.  Switchblade has been 14 years in development.  A gas engine powers one electric motor that drives the propeller and also powers one or two more motors that drive the wheels.  The vehicle will be sold


  Samson Sky's Switchblade - Awesome Tech                                    Source:  Samson Sky's Switchblade USA Flying, Driving Car How much would you love having this sleek, flying/driving car in your driveway?  Don't know about you, but I would love it!! Samson Sky's Switchblade is a real flying and driving car that will hit the market within weeks of getting FAA approval after more flight tests. The company calls it a flying sports car and it brings the lure of flying cars from science fiction territory to concrete reality. The FAA has deemed the Oregon-built, Ferrari-red, very cool looking vehicle safe to fly and undergo flight testing.  That positions the flying/driving sportscar to being, possibly within weeks, on the market for purchase. The inventors and developers at Oregon-based Samson Sky have spent 14 years building what looks like a magnificent flying and driving machine. Fascinating Tech Specs The vehicle has been designed as a luxury car with a hybrid-