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Solar Plane To Soar Like a Falcon

  Solar Powered Falcon Soar                                                  Source:  Falcon Solar Highly Innovative Aircraft Concept Falcon Soar is one of the world's most innovative, new concept planes.  Designed by Lazlo Nemeth, the award-winning founder of Lasky Design in Budapest, Hungary, the solar powered aircraft greatly resembles a falcon. In fact, the designer says the design was inspired by the bodies of birds of prey.  Birds are incredibly energy efficient and agile.  Falcon Soar, with solar panels embedded across the top of the plane and its wings, is designed to emulate the flight and the efficiency of soaring falcons.  As a solar power aircraft, there are no emissions and no damage to the environment. Ridding the Skies of Plane Greenhouse Gas Emissions Falcon Soar is designed to be a passenger plane that is highly efficient and sustainable.  The concept plane is a takeoff point for using solar energy to power flying and to start ridding the skies of toxic greenhouse