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NASA's Plane with No Turbine Engines, Propellers, Rotors

  NASA & MIT Partner on New Plane with Solid State, Silent Propulsion System                                                       Source:  MIT Flying on Electrodes NASA is investing in the development of a revolutionary, new type of aircraft that flies on a propulsion system with no moving parts.  There are no turbine engines, no propellers, no rotors, no jet fuel.  The solid state, silent, zero emissions, drone aircraft is being developed by MIT aerospace engineering Professor Steven Barrett. The aircraft has been successfully flown as a small, demonstrator model.  Now, Professor Barrett's invention and his development of it are being funded by the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program to provide it greater lift for takeoff. Breakthrough Aviation Technology This electro-aerodynamic aviation technology is truly revolutionary and potentially transformative.  Rather than jet engines, propellers or rotors, Professor Barrett and his MIT team have developed an aircraft that has