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New UFO-Like Flying Taxi

  New Personal eVTOL Z2 by Zeva Aero of Tacoma, WA                                                  Source:  Zeva Aero Your Next Ride to Work Tacoma, Washington based Zeva Aero's new electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle Z2 is a personal aircraft designed for personal commuting, cargo deliveries, military operations and search and rescue missions.  The vehicle has some unique capabilities including the capacity to park itself on the side of buildings so that the passengers can go in and out of the building onto the eVTOL through a window.   This is Zeva Aero's second prototype flying taxi after Zeva Aero's Zeva Zero.  Z2 is larger, faster, more efficient with bigger propellers.  This prototype should be ready for further development by the end of 2022.  Tech Specs Z2 has four rotors.  The range is 50 mph and top speed is 160 mph. The blended wing configuration of the aircraft makes it look like a flying saucer when it hovers or is flying on its side.  It tilts forw