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BMW i Flying Wingsuit Makes History

  Soaring into History                                      Source:  BMWi & Peter Salzman New Form of Zero Emissions Flight BMW i, a sub-brand of BMW focused on electric vehicles, and veteran skydiver Peter Salzman of Austria have set a world record for wingsuit flying.  BMW i and Salzman have invented a propulsion system, which is strapped around Salzman's chest. The flying wingsuit system allows him to fly like a bird.  Wingsuit flying is an extreme sport that has been growing in popularity during the past few years.  BMWi and Salzman have just made history with their unprecedented flight. Flying Science Fiction Their wingsuit invention is straight out of science fiction.  It is composed of two carbon filter rotors powered by lithium-ion batteries. It provides zero emissions, electric flying. The propulsion system provides up to 5 minutes of flight. Salzman switches on the flying suit as he hurtles through the sky from a helicopter.  He can increase the speed and also soar to