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3 Flying Cars Ready to Drive & Fly

  AirCar, Liberty Sport & Switchblade                            Source: AirCar, Liberty Sport, Switchblade Flying & Driving Commuting Flying cars are a promised travel technology that innovators have been chasing for decades. Their time is about to come.  Three flying cars are now at the tipping point of going into production for sales in global markets.  The vehicles ready for takeoff, that are road legal with wings, include Slovakia-based Klein Vision's AirCar, Dutch company PAL-V International's Liberty Sport and Oregon-based Samson Sky's Switchblade.  They are heralding in a brand-new form of travel. Switchblade US-based Sampson Sky is promising deliveries of its 3-wheel flying car Switchblade in 2024. They already have 2100 orders for the vehicle from 53 nations.  Switchblade has been 14 years in development.  A gas engine powers one electric motor that drives the propeller and also powers one or two more motors that drive the wheels.  The vehicle will be sold

Suzuki Intro's Flying Taxis with SkyDrive

  Sky and Drive Commuting in Japan                                                        Source:  SkyDrive Automaker & Flying Car Startup Partner on Flying/Driving Taxis One of the world's leading automotive and motorcycle makers Suzuki and Japanese flying taxi startup SkyDrive are partnering to launch fleets of flying taxis, first in the Osaka Bay area of Japan in 2025.  SkyDrive's new vehicle called SD-XX is an eVTOL or electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle that operates like a helicopter and doesn't need a traditional runway to take-off from and land on.  Of big interest, SD-XX can drive to other locations once it lands.  SkyDrive has big backers in Toyota, Panasonic and Fujitsu.  SkyDrive intends to put the SD-XX prototype into commercial production in 2023.  Now partnering with Suzuki on R&D, manufacturing and mass production systems, SkyDrive will likely be able to bring large numbers of vehicles to market. Highly Advanced Travel Technology SD-XX is

Flying Car 2024 Delivery

  From China's Xpeng, a Flying & Driving Car                                             Source:  Xpeng Flying Cars For Purchase by Customers in 2024 A flying car startup backed by Chinese electric vehicle maker Xpeng says it will deliver flying cars to customers in 2024.  Startup Xpeng Heitech says the car will be capable of driving on the road and flying in the skies.  The range of the EV on the road will be 370 miles on a single charge.  Xpeng CEO Zhao Deli made the announcement to the World New Energy Vehicle Congress.  The flying car startup currently has 400 employees.  But CEO Deli intends to nearly double the number of employees in order to start production of the flying cars for customers.  Xpeng is a major competitor of Tesla in the Chinese electric vehicle marketplace.  Deli did not disclose the range of the vehicle while flying. Xpeng Heitech is developing a number of flying cars including the Voyager X2, which has successfully flown over China roads, the Voyager X1