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1st Flying Car Going to Market

  Slovakia's AeroMobil AM 4.0 Aims to be World's 1st Operational Flying Car                                             Source:  AeroMobil A Real Flying-Driving Car Slovakia-based startup AeroMobil aims to be the first to bring real flying-driving cars to market and put them into the hands of average consumers.  The company has a flying car that has successfully completed thousands of hours of test flights.  It's called AeroMobil AM 4.0 and it is the 4th generation of the flying car that the company has been developing since 2010.  It is hybrid electric and AeroMobil hopes to actually deliver the vehicle to buyers in 2025. Tech Specs Power for the vehicle comes from a hybrid system with a turbocharged internal combustion engine that works for both driving and flying.  The transition from driving to flying takes under three minutes. The wings are on hinges that can lift up to drive within lanes and to fit into a garage.  With a single occupant, the vehicle has a driving rang