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AirCar Flies & Drives in Slovakia

Flying Car Milestone:    Slovakia's AirCar Takes Intercity Flight                                                  Source:  KleinVision A Flying Car That Drives and Flies Slovakia's Klein Vision has made flying car history.  Its AirCar, a combination car and aircraft, has completed its first intercity flight in Slovakia.  The flight lasted 35 minutes.  Within two minutes and 15 seconds of landing, it converted into a sportscar and drove to Bratislava, Slovakia -- the destination in its journey from Nitra, Slovakia. Tech Specs The AirCar Prototype 1 is the invention of Slovakia's University of Munster Professor Stefan Klein and has been developed by his company Klein Vision. Professor Klein flew the vehicle on the intercity flight.  Prototype 1 has a 160 horsepower fixed propeller engine and Prototype 2 will have a 300 horsepower engine.  AirCar has a range of 621 miles.  Top air speeds are 186 mph.  It cruised for the test flight at 108 mph. The aircraft can fly up to 600 m