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Huawei's New 5G Phone

Chinese Innovation - 5G and Foldable Screen Big Smart Foldable, Smart Phone Competition Bendable phone devices are big, accompanied by a lot of G's.  China's Huawei just unveiled a new, folding screen phone to gain a big place in the global smart phone market that's dominated by Apple and Samsung. Mate X Huawei debuted its MateX phone at the MWC in Barcelona.  The phone can be used on super fast mobile networks that are coming online.  Folding phones are the next big thing.  Huawie is in the action.

Samsung's Highly Anticipated Smart Phone

Galaxy F Foldable Phone Source:  Samsung San Francisco Unveiling 2/20/2019 This is a new smart phone that has been much anticipated.  South Korea's Samsung's Galaxy F foldable smart phone that the company teased at a developers conference in November 2018. Info It's a smart phone with a smaller screen on the front that opens up like a book.  Experts say the 5 inch screen will fold out to an 8 inch tablet.  Pricing is estimated at $1500 to $2000. Bottom-line:  this is exciting innovation about to be unveiled.  I'll give you the latest here on my blog and so will my journalist colleague Ed Kane on his news blog

Important Innovations Collection: Morphing Flying Drones to the Rescue

Foldable, Very Agile Drones for Search and Rescue New Drone Innovation from University of Zurich This is important new flying drone innovation, that just has been invented by scientists at the University of Zurich in Switzerland.  The quadrotor drones morph in shape to fly through holes and crevices. The innovation, say the scientists, was inspired by the flight of birds, which fold their wings to fly through narrow spaces.  They've duplicated those mechanics in their drone. My colleague Ed Kane has posted a news blog on this just announced innovation Important Innovations Collection: Morphing Flying Drones to the Rescue : Drone Innovation Source:  UZH Foldable, Highly Agile Drones for Search and Rescue Researchers at the University of Zurich have inve...