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Google DeepMind AI Weather Forecasts

  Google AI System Accurately Forecasts Rain in 2 Hours                                     Source:  DeepMind AI & London Brand New, Breakthrough Weather Forecasting System Weather forecasting historically has been very challenging and too frequently inaccurate.  The primary reason is the many variables that play a major role in the outcomes because of the volatile nature of the atmosphere.  Enter Google DeepMind AI which provides a new, high accuracy way to predict weather forecasts. Google DeepMind AI Accurate in Short Term WX Forecasts Learning based AI systems from DeepMind, which is based in London, are making real progress in expertly predicting short-term weather changes.  Researchers at DeepMind have been able to accurately predict the location and probability of rainfall within a 90 minute timeframe. DGMR's Highly Advanced Technology The new system has been developed by Google and the United Kingdom's meteorological office. DeepMind's prediction model Deep Gene