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China Pushes Facial ID by Mobile Phones

New China Regulations: Facial Recognition Reaches Mobile Phones Source:  Facial ID Scanning Stock Image May Prevent Fraud in Cyberspace But Does it Increase Citizen Surveillance? This is a new use of facial recognition technology that the world is watching.  China put new regulations into effect on Sunday that require Chinese telecom operators to scan the faces of people registering for new mobile phone services in China.  The consumer or business could be buying a new SIM card or any new mobile phone services.  The purchaser has no choice but to have their face scanned.  The Chinese government says it's combating cyber-fraud and protecting its citizens from being hacked.  This is facial recognition at the cutting edge of use, controversy and possibly usefulness. Once your face is scanned on your mobile phone, anyplace you use it, such as in your home and stores, could be tracked. Controversial This could be viewed as a legitimate and ongoing push by China to ensure peop