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Asia's Global Warming

Big Ice Loss in Asian High Mountain Glaciers Source:  Stock photo of Siachen Glacier, Pakistan NASA-lead International Study High mountain glaciers in Asia are flowing much more slowly because of the widespread ice loss.  This is affecting the availability of freshwater downstream in China, Pakistan and India. University scientists from France, Scotland and California Institute of Technology joined NASA in this climate change study. Millions of Satellite Images Documenting Ice Loss The scientists analyzed more than 2 million images of the Asian glaciers taken by satellite from 1985 through 2017.  They found that 94% of the slowing water flow rates from the glaciers is caused by reductions in the thickness of the ice.  What they found surprising is the consistent relationship between the thinning glacier ice and the reduction in the water flow rate going downstream. Dramatic Satellite Evidence For more than 2 decades the scientists have been tracking by satellite how the