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Honda Car Fuel Air & Hydrogen - No Charge

  Breakthrough, Zero Emissions, Electric Car                                                                                  Source:  Honda Clarity No Charging is Needed on This EV The EV is called the Honda Clarity and it is revolutionary new green technology. It is powered by ordinary air and hydrogen.  Their combination triggers a chemical reaction that generates electricity to power the car. Clarity is an FCEV or a fuel cell electric vehicle.  What is truly remarkable about the vehicle is the way electricity is produced and that no charging at all is needed to drive the car. How Does It Work? What makes the Clarity so different is the pressurized fuel tank of hydrogen that the driver fills.  When combined with air, it yields enough electricity to provide a 366 mile range.  There is no charging needed.  And the fuel system is zero emissions producing only water vapor.  This is breakthrough, new automotive technology that Honda has been developing for several years that is now comin