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Ferrari's Take on the Future of Cars

  Hypercar That's Both Digital and Physical                                                                                                                       Source:  Ferrari Ferrari's Vision of the Future of Driving Ferrari has created a visionary look at the future of driving - the Vision GT 7.  Ferrari unveiled its Grand Turismo concept car in Monaco during the GT World Finals celebration of the 25th anniversary of Sony's Gran Turismo video game.  The Vision GT is both a physical prototype, designed for the ultimate in epic rides, and a digital hypercar for blazing on 4 wheels in Gran Turismo video games.  The spectacular styling, thunderous power and massive torque of this new vehicle by Ferrari has the global automotive world spellbound. Vision GT will be on display starting December 15, 2022 in the Ferrari Museum in Italy. Style and Function The Vision GT takes its inspiration from historic race cars of the past.  The hybrid vehicle has a sleek, aerodynamic, low-s