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Mercedes Vision AVTR - Future Cars

  Mercedes Vision AVTR Concept                                             Source:  Mercedes Vision Your Next Car in 50 Years Mercedes Benz engineers, designers and researchers have created a drivable car concept that for them embodies what a Mercedes might look like in the not-so-near future, perhaps in 50 years.  It's called the Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR.  Mercedes has taken this concept beyond a concept to an actual prototype car that can be driven and is being given a spin by a few automotive analysts and experts.  To say the least, the vehicle is nothing short of futuristic, spectacular driving. And it has a high-profile movie connection.  The AVTR is also a marketing vehicle in tandem with director James Cameron's upcoming movie "Avatar: Way of the Water", which will debut in movie theaters on December 16, 2022.  For Mercedes, AVTR stands for Advanced Vehicle TRansformation.  It is Mercedes' stunning and profound vision of what cars will look like and be cap