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Exploding Star Gamma-Rays - Reverse Time

Space and Time Gamma-Ray Burst in the Universe Is Time Reversed by Gamma-Rays from Exploding Stars This is intriguing scientific research about space, time, dying stars, black holes and gamma-ray bursts.  Astrophysicists at the College of Charleston in South Carolina have examined 6 of the brightest gamma-ray bursts detected by NASA.  They found time-reversed light signatures.  The gamma-rays seem to reverse time. Supernovas and Black Holes When a dying star - a supernova - collapses into a black hole, it sends out a spectacular burst of gamma-rays. Gamma-rays are the highest energy explosions ever detected.  They shine "a million-trillion" times brighter than the sun. They produce more energy than anything else that emits light. Gamma-Ray to Black Hole Mystery A gamma-ray burst represents the formation of a black hole when a star explodes.  According to the astrophysicists, odd things happen with both space and time in a black hole. The gamma-rays have a signatu