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Renewable Energy by Muscle Power

New Emergency Device Hand Cranked to Generate Power for Key Gadgets Light Saber: Innovative Outdoor Survival Tool The Light Saber outdoor survival technology tool was invented by the Innovation Factory, a US based company that's been making tough tools since 2001.  Their Light Saber delivers limitless power supply to essential gadgets like cell phones by hand cranking it. It's limited only by your muscle power.  It's a portable device that can deliver enough power to charge a cell phone with three minutes worth of hand cranking.  It's designed to help adventurers survive in the outdoors and wilderness areas.  It has an onboard battery that you can charge for the road. Lots of Emergency Tech Included This emergency device has a lot of new tech loaded in. It has a USB generator, emergency strobe lights and sirens, a UV water purifier and a plasma fire starter.  The company calls it an inexhaustible power supply for wilderness survival.  It's live on K

Important Innovations Collection: Charging Peddle Power

Bike that Charges Your Devices While You Ride Source:  PedalCell No Batteries Needed You might call this new gadget charging peddle power.  The CadenceX generator attaches to the front wheel of your bike, spins and generates power to charge your personal devices, bike lights, GPS and more.  For a news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: Charging Peddle Power : New Bike Gadget Charges Your Devices Source:  PedalCell's CadenceX No Battery - New Invention It's called the CadenceX gener...

Drinking Water From Air

Small Home and Office Water Generator Source:  Watergen's GENNY GENNY By 2025, 2/3rds of the world will face drinking water shortages.  Watergen, based in Israel, says it has a solution.  GENNY is a small home and office water generator.  It can produce up to 8 gallons of clean drinking water a day from the humidity in the air. Tech for a Better World At the CES 2019, the company won the prestigious Tech for a Better World award for GENNY.  Watergen says it is revolutionizing the way water is delivered around the world by pulling it out of thin air.  Watergen is expanding operations into the US where it plans to open three manufacturing facilities.