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VW Autonomous Voice Controlled Car

  The I.D. Vizzion                                                                                     Source:  VW  VW's Vision of the Future of Mobility Volkswagen is developing a new concept car that is fully autonomous and is directed by voice commands and gestures. Called the I.D. Vizzion, the electric vehicle is VW's take on the future of mobility.  A "digital chauffeur" is in "the driver's seat" and in control of the car.  There appears to be no steering wheel or any type of standard driving essentials like brakes.  It's a brand-new type of driving adventure in which you are literally along for the ride. Very Advanced Autonomous Technology The intelligent centerpiece of the autonomous technology is a virtual host.  Passengers communicate with it through voice and gestures to provide information on their driving preferences like speed, the destination and routes.  The virtual host stores the individual's personal preferences and distributes