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Swimming AR Goggles

New Augmented Reality Tech with Real Time Metrics For Swimmers Source:  FORM Swim Goggles Swimming Goggles with a Smart Display This gadget is brand new innovation for serious swimmers.  The FORM Swim Goggles use augmented reality to let the swimmer know their performance data in real time. This is a swim goggle with a smart display.  Up until now, most competitive swimmers have used a display on their wrist to check metrics, which can break their stride when viewing. Bluetooth-Smartphone Enabled for Specific Data The device has a transparent projection screen that displays metrics like split time, distance, strokes and a lot more data in real-time.  The screen can be placed and viewed over either eye.  And you can select what metrics you want to see for each swimming round.  You can program the system by a Bluetooth paired Smartphone for the data you want.  It's priced at $199.00

Important Innovations Collection: Walmart HR Using VR

Walmart Using VR To Spot Great Talent Source:  Walmart VR Goggles Deployed to Promote Employees Walmart, which is the largest private employer in the US and one of the world's biggest companies, is using Virtual Reality headsets to spot and develop managerial talent. It's not their only data tool but it is an important one to see how their employees perform in real-time situations as managers in their retail environment.  This is a great example of how VR is  being deployed to advance global business.  For more information, go to Important Innovations Collection: Walmart HR Using VR : Virtual Reality Helping to Test and Promote Employees Source:  Walmart  Technology At the Hiring Edge America's largest private ...

Cardiologists Using AR for Heart Surgery

Augmented Reality's 3 Dimensional Precision Source:  AR Tech in the Operating Room AR Goggles in the OR AR is a technology that superimposes computer generated information on the user's view of the real world.  It's being tested at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.  And it seems to greatly help surgeons visualize complex medical data particularly during heart surgery. Surgeons with AR Goggles A new self-contained AR device provides surgeons with the opportunity to interactively explore data in 3 D and real time during complex surgical procedures.  Here's how it works.  The surgeon wears  AR goggles that are similar to the glass screens worn by divers.  The AR images are projected onto the surgeon's facial screen to augment their view and vital information on their patient during complex surgical procedures.. NIH Funded Successful Test Pilot Program This is a pilot program and has been used successfully on 5 animal models.  The program is