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World's 1st Commercial Hoverbike - Japan

  XTurismo Limited Edition                                                                                     Source:  A.L.I. Technologies Highly Advanced Hoverbike From Japan The new XTurismo Limited Edition Hoverbike is straight out of science fiction.  Japan's A.L. I. Technologies has invented and is taking deposits on a hoverbike very similar to the one that Luke Skywalker rode in the Return of the Jedi, except this one is the real deal.  There are 200 limited editions being produced of this awesome hoverbike.  It is composed of carbon fiber and is priced at $777,000.  This is being called the world's first commercial hoverbike. Tech Specs The XTurismo Limited is unique.  There are two large rotors in the center of its frame and four smaller rotors on the outer edges.  The 4 smaller rotors are powered by electric motors.  The main power for the vehicle comes from a 228 hp gas-powered Kawasaki engine, designed for motorcycle competition. The hoverbike's drive system was