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Helping Robots Get a Grip

University of Utah Robotic Science Innovation Source: University of Utah's Robotic Grasp System- Precision (left), Power (right) Robot Grasping Planner System to Extend Robot Grasping Abilities Scientists at the University of Utah have just developed a new, supervised learning system to enable robots to grasp objects with delicate precision and/or power/strength.  The purpose is to greatly expand their functionality.  It's called a probabilistic grasp planner and it's new innovation for the development of robotics. Real Time Robot Planning Device The device is able to plan grasps in real-time.  The system models and plans high quality precision and strength grasps.  It allows the robot to learn the best grasping technique as it practices on different objects. So for instance, the power and strength needed to pick up and place heavy objects and the precision and delicate manipulation needed for smaller, fragile objects. Learning and Planning Grasp System for Ro