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New Solar Car From Europe Beats Most EVs

  Lightyear One Solar Powered Car                                          Source:  Lightyear One From the Netherlands, A Powerful, Long Range, Efficient Solar Car Dutch startup Lightyear is building solar powered vehicles that are more efficient than electric vehicles.  The Lightyear One solar car gets a much longer range and uses significantly less energy than an average EV.  Cofounder and Chief Design Officer of Lightyear Koen van Ham believes that solar powered vehicles will help "democratize mobility".  The Lightyear One solar car has lightweight panels built into the roof and hood.  The car soaks in energy from the Sun automatically whether driving or parked. It is far less dependent on charging stations than a standard EV. Production on it starts in 2022. Design & Technology Breakthroughs The design and technologies in the Lightyear One are breakthrough for maximum efficiency.  The car consumes 83 wh/kh of energy.  That is two to three times less energy than the av