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Green Sustainable Beer

Sustainable Breweries Source:  Stock Photo A Toast to a Cleaner Environment Beer, especially craft beers, are a growing, energy intensive industry.  The number of US breweries grew 200% in the past decade and production has increased 12% per year. Saving the Planet Per 6-Pack To cut greenhouse emissions and save energy, a growing number of breweries are investing in sustainable production technologies.  But will it pay off?  New research by Indiana University says yes it will.  A majority of US beer drinkers are willing to pay the extra cost.  In fact, according to the University's survey, 59% are willing to pay extra.  On average, sustainable beer production practices tack on an extra $1.30 per 6 pack. Sustainable Innovation Innovative, energy saving, sustainable practices now being implemented by a growing number of breweries include solar power, onsite wastewater treatment plants, insulated brewery vessels and recaptured steam from the brewing process.  Beer is one