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Electric Skies: Green Flyway for E-Planes

Norway & Sweden Create World's 1st Green Airspace  Source:  Sweden's Heart Aerospace Electric Plane ES-19 Source:  Rolls Royce Electric Plane Safe Airspace to Test Electric Planes Norway and Sweden have created a large, green airspace for the testing of electric planes and small to medium sized drones.  This is the world's first test airspace for electric flights. The airspace straddles the Norway-Sweden border over an area between Roros and Osterund.  It's large, rugged and challenging both from climate and terrain perspectives and includes mountains, lakes and forests.  It's specifically designed to be a place to test manned electric aircraft and unmanned, small to medium sized drones. Norway and Sweden Continue to Act for a Greener  Environment The green flyway is yet another world first example of Norway and Sweden's commitment to electric powered vehicles to reduce carbon emissions.  The green flyway provides an isolated space to test fl