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New Bullet Plane Pushing Green Flying

  Celera 500L is Shaped Like a Bullet, Torpedo and Egg                                             Source:  Otto Aviation Aircraft Designed to be Aerodynamically Green, Inexpensive & A Breakthrough The new Otto Celera 500L bullet plane is like no other aircraft out there.  It is distinguished by its aerodynamic shape, which is similar to a bullet, torpedo and egg. The design shape dramatically cuts drag on the aircraft and allows air to flow smoothly and freely around it.  As a result, the plane burns far less fuel and is breakthrough in  efficiency. Otto Aviation, a US startup in California, says it is 80% more fuel efficient than competing aircraft in its class and size.  This new vehicle has the potential to be a breakthrough concept in aviation.  It is so important because aircraft are one of the greatest polluters that contribute to climate change globally. Let's Drill Down on the Engineering This plane is a prototype designed by veteran aerospace engineer William Otto, CE