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Hydrogen Catamaran & No Range Limits

  Fraser Yacht's Hydrogen Catamaran - Aquon One                                        Source:  Fraser Yachts Clean, Green, Unlimited Range Cruising Monaco-based Fraser Yachts, a top player in global yachting for more than 70 years founded in the US, has developed a hydrogen powered, totally sustainable, 64-foot catamaran that has "unlimited range", according to Fraser.  This is a big breakthrough in green, yachting and potentially boating travel.  Their new Aquon One cat is a multihulled vessel loaded with green hydrogen fuel and green technologies for environmentally clean cruising.  The Aquon One is a showcase of epic new zero emissions technologies that moves boating forward into much more environmentally friendly waters.  First deliveries for Aquon One are in 2023. Solar Cruising The vessel has 700 sq. feet of solar panels that generate renewable electricity to create hydrogen via fuel cells to power the yacht's two electric engines and all of the electrical equi